Premium Tea Ceremony Experience

Gengen-Sai and the Affluent Merchant – A Tale of Tea

The premium tea ceremony experience entitled “Gengen-Sai and the Affluent Merchant – A Tale of Tea” takes place at the site where a pivotal part of tea ceremony history unfolded centuries ago. Participants are invited to engage in one of Japan’s oldest forms of hospitality, the most official ceremony known as chaji, at the Takegawa Estate (otherwise known as the Izawa Library) where 7th generation Matsusaka merchant Takegawa Chikusai learned from 11th generation Urasenke Tea Master Gengen-Sai.

The distinct characteristics of the chaji ceremony are derived from the customs of zen temples, with a meal consisting of one bowl of soup and three side-dishes served with three types of sake, followed by one cup each of both thick and light tea. During our experience, guests are served reimagined menu consisting of one bowl of soup, five side-dishes, and two selections of sake.

We offer the rare opportunity to experience this unique composite of Japanese culture in a feast of the senses, with the sound of water droplets in stone basins resonating in the traditional garden “Roji” while incense wafts through the 300-year old tea room “Yosazura-en” adorned with tea scrolls where an array of ancient utensils are waiting to be examined.

Experience reservation

The meeting place
284-1 Izawacho, Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture 519-2145
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Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the meeting time.
Venue: Izawa Bunko (Takegawa House)
Start time 11:00
Required time
~4.5 hours

Information on minimum number of participants

The minimum number of participants for this plan is 4 people.
Please note that if the number of reservations on the day does not reach the capacity, the event will be cancelled.
※200,000 yen per event (1 to 4 people)

Please feel free to contact us.


From Nagoya Station, take the JR Rapid Train “Kaisoku Mie” or the Kintetsu Limited Express to Matsusaka Station (about 70 minutes). Takekawa House (Isawa Bunko) is about about 20 minutes by taxi from Matsusaka Station.
how to access
For those using transportation
20 minutes by taxi from JR Matsusaka Station
For those coming by car
15 minutes from Ise Expressway Matsusaka Interchange
Parking lot accommodates 3 cars, free of charge, no reservation required

cancellation policy

If canceled due to customer’s convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged.
The day before/on the day/unauthorized cancellation: 100% of the reservation fee
Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request for change depending on the timing and reservation status. Please note.